The Karima Gordon Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization designed to empower and prepare girls and women educationally, socially and intellectually to reach their highest potential while appreciating and embracing their national beauty.

Appreciate the Beauty of You!

Committed to ongoing education on the dangers of illegal body enhancement procedures.

The purpose and mission of the Karima Gordon Foundation (KGF) is to keep Karima’s memory alive through providing self-confident and goal setting educational and cultural programs for girls and women, while networking and getting the intended message out to the public. KGF’s underlying thread, for all experiences, will be to empower participants to save their lives and the lives of others through exposure to the dangers of illegal body enhancement cosmetic procedures, as well as to encourage self-esteem building through workshops, seminars, scholarships, pageantry and the arts.

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Reports of death from black market buttock injections have become more common.

How we help

Educational Seminars

KGF actively seeks speaking engagements to educate the public on the dangers of illegal cosmetic enhancement procedures and to highlight our self-esteem building programs for women and girls. We engage the audience by sharing both our vision and real life testimonies of survivors’ tragedy and restoration.

The Arts

Karima excelled as an artist and in modeling and dance throughout her early years. Helping others to excel in the arts is our way to honor Karima’s legacy and give back via financial assistance to deserving persons. Our goal is to host several fundraising events (fashion show, dance recital, art exhibit) each year to sponsor these initiatives.


KGF’s underlying thread is to empower participants to appreciate their own beauty and self-worth. The Foundation encourages self-esteem building through workshops, seminars, scholarships, pageantry and the arts. Our aim is to keep Karima’s memory alive by providing programs that held a special place in her heart.

Scholarship Programs

KGF assists in making a young woman’s dreams of vying for a pageant title come true by financially sponsoring her participation. The Foundation also promotes academic achievement via scholarships. We strive to underscore the importance of academic excellence and to encourage young women to follow (and achieve) their dreams.

Black Market Plastic Surgery Procedures are Illegal

Tragically, these cheaper alternatives result in serious, even life-threatening, health problems.

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