Karima's Story

The programs offered through this foundation are geared toward areas Karima enjoyed and excelled in.

Remembering Karima

Karima’s sisters, Cyndee Ible Frontal and Khadija Gordon Rivera, discuss the purpose of The Karima Gordon Foundation and the programs that it hopes to offer young women.

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Former model Karima Gordon sought out “Nurse” Morris Garner, (who lives his life as a woman and also goes by Tracey Lynn Garner) for the illegal silicone butt plumping injections to enhance her curves. Karima drove to Garner’s home in Mississippi with a friend to have the procedure performed. She became ill a few hours later and her friend called Garner asking what to do. Garner told them to buy some cough medicine. Gordon died at a hospital a few days later.

Police say a woman named “Pebbles” acted as a go between for Garner and women who sought his illegal services. It is alleged that Karima Gordon and Pebbelz communicated via Twitter and Karima traveled to New York to meet Pebbelz in person. There, Karima paid Pebbelz $200 for the referral to the man who ended up performing the butt injections that killing her.

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The Karima Gordon Foundation (KGF)

The Karima Gordon Foundation (KGF) was created to save lives from illegal cosmetic procedures by motivating girls and women to be self-confident, set goals and realize their potential to achieve them. This will be accomplished through enriching educational, social, cultural and mentoring experiences that enhance self-esteem and purpose. The Foundation is also committed to ongoing education of the dangers of illegal body enhancement procedures to local and regional principalities. KFG will achieve its mission and goals through highlighting the exceptional talents and experiences that brought joy and excellence to Karima Gordon’s life. She was an amazing visual artist, physical fitness buff and a trained model. These talents will be the underlying themes to enhance self-worth through workshops, seminars, pageantries, health and fitness sessions and cultural inspiring trips. Scholarships will also be awarded to assist participants with future educational goals.

Karima Gordon lost her life at the age of 37 leaving behind a then 16-year-old son who adored her. His life has been altered as well. She was strikingly beautiful but felt the need to change her physical appearance. Karima’s peculiar desire to improve her already seemingly perfect outward appearance took her life. Everyday more cases are reported from around the world that women are endangering their lives through body enhancement procedures. KGF hopes to minimize the deaths and physical deformities that occur within the local community and beyond as a result of this dangerous procedure.

Your contributions and/or talents, expertise and knowledge will be greatly appreciated to educate, mold, mentor and sponsor prospective participants for a healthy life full of self-love and the love of others.

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Reports of death from black market buttock injections have become more common

More women turn to people, who often do not have any proper or official medical training, and offer cheaper procedures that involve injecting home-improvement materials, such as silicone. Sadly, in many cases, the large amounts of silicone injected into the body, especially if administered by someone with no professional training, can cause blood clots and infections.

About The Foundation

Our Mission


Know The Risks

The purpose and mission of the Karima Gordon Foundation (KGF) is to keep Karima’s memory alive through providing self-confident and goal setting educational and cultural programs for girls and women, while networking and getting the intended message out to the public.

KGF’s underlying thread, for all experiences, will be to empower participants to save their lives and the lives of others through exposure to the dangers of illegal body enhancement cosmetic procedures, as well as to encourage self-esteem building through workshops, seminars, scholarships, pageantry and the arts.

In a bid to have shapelier and larger buttocks without paying exorbitant amounts of money, more women in the United States are resorting to black market plastic surgery procedures. Tragically, these cheaper alternatives to cosmetic surgery all too often do not produce the results a person wants, but rather result in serious, even life-threatening, health problems.

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