Black Market Butt Injections in the News

Video stories on illegal buttocks enhancements.

"Queen of Butt Injections" Explains Her Experiences in New Book

She is known as the so-called “Queen of Butt Injections.” Kimberly Smedley traveled all over the East Coast for 13 years illegally injecting thousands of women with silicone in their breasts and buttocks. After being caught by the feds, she served three years in prison and paid a $25,000 fine. Smedley sat down with FOX 5’s Laura Evans to talk about her case and her new book.

Woman Exposes Black Market World of Butt Injections

HLN’s Dr. Drew was joined by a mother-of-two who spent thousands of dollars on illegal butt injections. Vanity Wonder, 30, has since written a book entitled “Shot Girls”, where she exposes the secret world of black market cosmetic procedures. “Girls see me healthy and walking around and talking and they say, ‘Oh, you know, I like Vanity’s body and I think that Vanity looks really good,’” she told Dr. Drew. “I want them to understand … you might not be as lucky.”

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The Dangers of Illegal Butt Injections

Many men and women flock to “pumping parties” to get their faces and bodies injected with industrial-grade substances by unlicensed physicians. Little do they know, the side effects of “getting pumped” may be irreversible or fatal. During WUSA 9’s News at 11, reporter Andrea McCarren and Jamachi’s Dr. Onyewu gives viewers a glimpse into the underground world of illegal injections…

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Black Market Butt Injections Getting More Popular

More and more women are turning to illegal, black market injections to increase the size of their butt, and some are suffering dire consequences. Women are choosing these injections over implants because of cost and convenience.

Pebbelz Found Guilty of Murder For Illegal Buttocks Injections!!

To hear Natasha Stewart tell it, she was just trying to help an insecure woman when she helped arrange for her to get silicone injections in her buttocks, shots that prosecutors say were deadly. A jury disagreed, convicting Stewart on Friday of culpable negligence manslaughter. Stewart, of suburban Memphis, Tenn., was found guilty Friday in Jackson, Miss., in the death of 37-year-old Karima Gordon of Atlanta…

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