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Questions you should ask yourself before any cosmetic procedure.

Dangers of illegal black market plastic surgery

In a bid to have shapelier and larger buttocks without paying exorbitant amounts of money, more women in the United States are resorting to black market plastic surgery procedures. Tragically, these cheaper alternatives to cosmetic surgery all too often do not produce the results a person wants, but rather result in serious, even life-threatening, health problems.
Reports of death from black market buttock injections have become more common in the states of Georgia, Florida, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, as more women turn to people, who often do not have any proper or o cial medical training, o ering cheaper procedures that involve injecting home-improvement materials, such as silicone. Sadly, in many cases, the large amounts of silicone injected into the body, especially if administered by someone with no professional training, can cause blood clots and infections.
When you are seeking to improve your appearance, you need to choose a procedure that is going to be performed by a legitimate medical professional so it is not detrimental to your health in the long run.

Do I really need to go through a surgical procedure to look beautiful?

Objectivity is needed in answering this question truthfully although those who go through such a process are usually subjective about the issue. Most if not all are not happy of what they have or the way they look but regardless, you should try to be objective about it when you are looking in the mirror.

Our vulnerability to perfection is just so powerful that it pushes unethical surgeons to put those who beg for say a face-lift under general anesthesia and sew him or her up. After the procedure, the patient would feel better about himself or herself even if he or she blew around $8, 000 or even more to get virtually nothing done.

The main question to be asked here is whether that imperfection even exists. If you want an honest opinion, you should ask one of your siblings or a trusted friend. Doing this will help you make an objective decision on whether you should go through plastic surgery or not.

We do a lot of things to make ourselves look good – we undergo facial treatments, go to the spa to get a massage, we condition out hair and maybe even think of getting liposuction or go through laser body contouring. If you are thinking of improving your looks i.e. getting a total makeover or to be more specific – an overhaul, going to a plastic surgeon may already be on your mind. There are a few questions you should ask yourself:

What are the things I want done? What will this accomplish?

The psychological factor involved in plastic or cosmetic surgery is something that no one should overlook. However, the whole process must be approached in a realistic manner. Plastic surgery may improve one’s state of being or well-being but will not change your life in general.

How did I find the plastic surgeon I am planning to go to?

This is another important question you should ask yourself before you undergo any type of cosmetic changes on yourself. You should ask yourself truthfully whether you fell prey to heavy advertising or actually looked for a plastic surgeon on your own.

Like in everything else, low cost and usually heavily advertised services are not necessarily safe or effective. The best thing to do in this scenario is for you to get a referral from those who have undergone certain procedures you would like to get done. Satisfied clients will surely be able to refer you to the right doctor.

If you do not have friends or people you know who underwent a cosmetic procedure, you can always ask your physician for a recommendation.

Ask For A Second Opinion

Second opinions are valuable and when it comes to plastic surgery, this is definitely something you should require to yourself. You must remember that only another physician can confirm that you really need something done –whether we’re talking about a small nip or tuck or a major procedure.

A second opinion is also important for you to be able to determine whether the procedure will result to something that you want. Asking what you can expect from the procedure is the most realistic question you can ask your doctor –never mind about the things you hope for because often, a human being’s hopes on looking good are relatively unrealistic.

Aside from asking for a second opinion, you should also ask your plastic surgeon about the possibility of damage and in case this damage happens what will the extent be?

One must keep in mind that plastic surgeons are not gods or goddesses and that whenever they fix something they will always leave a mark.

Thinking of getting plastic surgery done?

Other areas to be concerned about aside from asking yourself whether you need something done or not and asking for a second opinion, include complications and infections during surgery.

One important consideration is asking where the operation will take place. Many plastic surgeons do operations in their own offices but there are those who perform surgery in hospitals. Surgery done in a hospital is a much better choice though because of the quality control and the professionalism considering that doctors have to deal with staff nurses and peer reviews.

Before going through plastic surgery, you should also ask your surgeon if you could see before and after photos of his or her previous clients or patients.

Other considerations or questions you should ask your doctor include asking if there is a less serious procedure that will give you the result you want. There are a number of less invasive and less dangerous cosmetic procedures. Collagen injections for example can get rid of wrinkles and scars caused by acne so basically you do not have to go through an invasive procedure to achieve clear skin.

Not sure if the plastic surgeon you’re talking to is the one?

Whether you are looking for someone who would perform liposuction on you or want to get a mini face-lift done, it is in your best interest to get a good plastic surgeon – after all, it’s your face and body he or she will be “fixing.”

What are the red flags you should look out for? If the surgeon’s office is not pristine, you should think twice of getting him or her as a surgeon –cleanliness among doctors should be an obsession.

If you have looked at the before and after photos and they all look the same i.e. the nose job done on Mary is the same as that of Jane – this is a major no-no. You should look for a surgeon who will enhance your looks and not make you look like a different person altogether.

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