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We need you to stop underground cosmetic surgery.

There are many ways for you, your church or your company to get involved with The Karima Gordon Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about illegal cosmetic surgery, what we do and ways you can engage your community, please use the left menu to view the exciting ways you can get involved.

We actively seek partnerships to ensure that our message is spread throughout the local community to help save lives. We need volunteers and mentors to assist us with our programs and activities. 

If you wish to hire a speaker for your event, please visit our Request A Speaker page.

Our work, and the hope of the women and girls we serve, is heavily dependent on the financial contributions of the community, foundations and sponsors. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Karima Gordon Foundation Programs

Fashion and Dance

Art Exhibits

Academic Scholarships

One of the goals of the Foundation is to raise funds to provide scholarships for deserving and qualified persons interested in pursuing careers in the various arts such as modeling and dance. Scholarships assist with registration fees and tuitions costs. Karima excelled in modeling and dance throughout her earlier years. Helping others to excel in these areas would be something she would have wanted.

Fundraising in this area is to provide scholarships for deserving and qualified persons interested in pursuing careers as artists and other related fields. Scholarships will assist with registration fees and tuitions costs to art schools and for entry into art exhibits and the like. Karima excelled as an artist in her high school’s art program. Helping others to achieve that and more would also be something she would have wanted.

Along with the various arts, the Foundation will promote academic excellence as well. In doing so, it will strive to provide scholarships to graduating high school students for college and higher education to include tuition, books and housing needs. Students will have to apply and be selected to receive scholarships starting at $1,000.00 per recipient. The goal is not only to underscore the importance of academic excellence but to encourage young women to follow their dreams and know they can accomplish them.

The Foundation, among other things, will strive to host at least two major events each year such as a fashion show, dance and art exhibit which will highlight the various programs for which the Foundation provides funding while raising monies to realize the aforementioned initiatives.

Remembering Karima