TV Doctors Expose Butt Injections

The Doctors

The TV Doctors expose the graphic damage caused by butt injections

Butt Injections Threaten Model’s Life

A model who aspired to have Brazil’s best butt ended up with a massive infection that caused her legs to rot and almost killed her after a doctor pumped too much cosmetic filler into her body. The Doctors discuss safe ways to boost your booty.

Shocking Side Effects of Black Market Butt Injections -- The Doctors

Apryl, 47, shares her devastating experience with illegal buttock-enhancing injections, which resulted in the amputation of her buttocks, hands and feet.

The Doctors talked to a woman who lost her hands and feet after getting a black market butt injection. Apryl, 47, was always teased about having a flat butt. She went on a quest for a larger butt. At 38, a woman who wasn’t a doctor told her that she did butt injections. So Apryl let her inject silicone into her butt.

Dr. Constantino Mendieta on Illegal Butt Augmentations

One of the world’s most respected butt augmentation plastic surgeons, Dr. Constantino Mendieta appeared on the TV show, The Doctors. With him on the show was a victim of a black market butt augmentation who was so severely damaged by the illegal substances that were injected into her that she lost both her hands and both her feet to amputation.

THIS IS A MUST SEE segment for anyone considering a butt augmentation. Dr. Mendieta comments on the dangers of illegal butt augmentation.

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