Woman Exposes Black Market World of Butt Injections

By Dr. Drew staff Updated 1:41 AM EDT, Wed June 20, 2012

On Tuesday night, HLN’s Dr. Drew was joined by a mother-of-two who spent thousands of dollars on illegal butt injections.

Vanity Wonder, 30, has since written a book entitled “Shot Girls”, where she exposes the secret world of black market cosmetic procedures.

“Girls see me healthy and walking around and talking and they say, ‘Oh, you know, I like Vanity’s body and I think that Vanity looks really good,’” she told Dr. Drew. “I want them to understand … you might not be as lucky.”

She explained, “What happened is after my first time going to go get it done, it became a competition. I was, like, ‘Oh, you know, she’s got a bigger butt — she’s got a bigger butt — I want a bigger butt.’ Around my fifth time getting injections, it got infected, so I had all these lumps all over my butt. I was faced with a choice. Could I stay with the medium-sized lumpy butt … or I could go for a big butt [and fill it] with silicone to pad over the lumps?”

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